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Hello, my name is Ed White. I’m an aspiring writer and graphic designer, developing my skills for a host of writing and art projects. I’ve dabbled in writing and art since high school, and it has carried me through my higher education.

I never planned on being a writer, the art crept up on me. During my childhood, my dad owned a small library of science fantasy books, which I consumed voraciously. Science fiction and fantasy were my favorite genres, but I also enjoyed romance, horror, and spirituality.

Later, I developed a spiritual awakening and discovered a passion for writing. The project snowballed into two WIPs, shown in my portfolio. With that said, I know the writer’s journey is arduous for anyone. I will remain patient and steadfast to this writing adventure.

My Goals

This blog combines creative writing with spirituality. The further on I went in my writing journey, the more I realized how important it is to nourish and empower not only our own bodies, but those of everyone. When the body and mind are free of toxins, the Creative Spirit is able to manifest masterpieces.

My objectives for 2020 are to save up enough money for an editor, find an agent, and begin the publishing process for Ethereal Seals book one. I intend to remain a blogger and attendee to the writers’ group. If things pan out, my book—or ebook if I self-publish—will be available by late 2020. Hopefully this will be the year (fingers crossed). You can read more about my ambitions for 2020 in this post.

As a student of the quill and brush, I enjoy exposing myself to new media every day. These include books, movies, video games, and real-life scenarios. I’m currently working on two manuscripts:

  1. Blade of Dragons—a science fantasy novel, part of a series
  2. Tempest of the Dragon—a historical fantasy novel set in ancient Japan

I’m also working on a few short stories with the writing groups in my area. I plan to publish these creative works in the future and share my stories with the world. There are a few of my published works on Havok.

What You Can Expect Here

  • Writing tips
  • Book reviews
  • Short stories
  • Spiritual and metaphysical concepts
  • Manuscript tidbits
  • Giveaways
  • Anything else I think of as I go along

Thank you all once again for your support, my readers. Comments and even page likes motivate me to blog and continue my writing endeavors. You have my love and gratitude.

I’m currently expanding my platform onto Mailchimp to develop a mailing community. Members will receive free poetry and short stories once Mailchimp is up and running. For more details on my current projects, visit my portfolio.

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