Index 1: ES racial list

A modern list of the races in my fictional universe. This is not yet exhaustive and may change with time.


Atlasian – Also known as ‘humans’ or generic people on Atlas. They resembles real-life humans, most of a more mesomorph nature. Atlasians are the most populous among the races on Atlas, being the second to develop after Dragonites.  Natural mutations in their kind resulted in the rising of numerous other races. Their skill sets are across the board, being of a high versatile people.

Nymphian –  Human-like in appearance, but retain a slighter build and graceful features akin to elves. Being innately spiritual, they extol great wisdom and compassion. Emotionally, they are oft regarded as level-headed, but are prone to outbursts if necessary. They enjoy life-spans longer than most races.

Bestian – Robust humanoids with animal features, particularly the ears and tail; arguably faster and hardier than other races. Bestians come in a variety of animal forms, ranging from foxes to rabbits and bears. They enjoy natural environments like Nymphians for habitation, though they can adapt well to any environment.

Pygmy – A short and curious race of technocrats. Pygmies prefer cities and technologically sound regions, thereby sating their never ending thirst for innovation. Despite this, they are very adventurous, willing to embark on scientifically sound journeys to other lands. While not physically notable, they make up for it with their resourceful inventions.

Eruodusian – A corrupted race of humanoids, looking like normal Atlasians, but with demonic features like horns and blood-hued eyes. They dabbled in chaotic energies of previous wars, infecting their genetic structure and those of their offspring. Atlas often shuns their kind, forcing many into shadowy jobs like thieves, assassins, and smugglers.  They are cunning and manipulative in their actions.

Dragonite – The root race of Atlas, from which all began.  They serve as caretakers of the planet, safeguarding its knowledge. Dragonites may assume a hulking dragon form if necessary, providing them with enormous power at the expense of some sanity. In their default humanoid form, they retain long ears, short stubby tails, and a pair of dragon wings. The arrogance of the dragon race is often a flaw in their character, though they seldom allow this to interfere with their duties. Dragonites enjoy the longest life span.

Caelestian – Coming from the stars, they infrequently interact with Atlas natives. Being of an angelic nature, these beings retain great spiritual understanding beyond that of a typical Atlasian. Caelestians are unlimited in size and shape, though they typically hold a palpable holy aura around their essence. A lower race may achieve the level of Caelestian through proper alchemical training. Like Nymphians, who they refer to as their ‘lesser cousins’, they uphold wisdom and compassionate virtues.

Faber – The creator race of Atlas, who planted the initial seeds in the primordial dragons’ minds. They are advanced beyond Caelestians, being their senior. Faber may assume any appearance they wish, but they typically take the form of the blue phoenix to embody the alchemical transmutation of the soul. They possess all the experience and knowledge of their racial past and have taken it upon themselves to provide a proper environment for younger souls to evolve. Atlasian scholars postulate that Faber are merely future projections of Atlas’ current denizens.


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