Useful webpages

This is a compilation of free web pages that I’ve found to be helpful. This page is subject to updates as needed.

  1. Thesaurus – Simple and straightforward thesaurus, yet incredibly useful. It has articles on verbs and noun usage. I highly recommend.
  2. Wordcounter – Nice online program for word counting, word frequency, and more.
  3. Grammarist – Good reference for grammar questions
  4. Writer Beware – A webpage dedicated to unveiling copyright infringement scams and other pitfalls
  5. Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America – An excellent database for fiction writers, especially amateurs.
  6. Goodreads – A handy website for tracking your reading material. You can also network and discover new books to read. Here’s my profile.
  7. Steemit – An alternate to Youtube that functions with a digital currency called Steem. It also doubles as a blog. My page.
  8. Grammarly – Great free web software for proofreading your work. The premium offers additional suggestions and fixes.
  9. Association of Authors Representatives, Inc. – A website for locating ethical agents.
  10. Webster Online Dictionary – Straightforward dictionary reference.
  11. Brandon Sanderson lectures – A small collection of youtube videos on writing and worldbuilding.

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