The How and Why of Writing

How did I get started as a writer? Why am I interested in this craft? What do I think of it? These are some of the questions I will attempt in this post.

I began in high school on a creative fiction forum. I joined the site to vent my creativity with a group of like-minded individuals. At the time, I wrote short threads of character profiles and participated in what’s termed “Roleplay” or RP for short. RPs were cooperative adventure stories where one person writes a small post involving their characters, and then a second person responds to it. Sometimes three or four people got involved. They were entertaining, but my writing skills were atrocious, to say the least (they still are, but better lol).

I continued to write on forums, sometimes moving from one to another. Meanwhile, I finished my Bachelors in Earth Sciences and Environment Policy–at the time, I wanted to be an environmental engineer and computer technician. I went on for my Masters in IT and digital software. During grad school, I spent some of my free time reviewing the characters and stories I devised since high school. I saw a glimmer of potential in what I had. I also got involved with writing articles on the forums I regularly visited. I discovered that it still gave me fulfillment to write, even after all these years.

When I graduated with my Masters, I struggled to find a job with my credentials. I spoke with numerous resume experts and job hunters. By the time I was underemployed for a few years, I had rewritten my resume at least ten times and with dozens of interviews under my belt. I continued to send out applications while working overnights in retail. I found myself with more free time and with my late schedule, was unable to RP with my old friends on the forums. Frustrated, I wrote my own stories, planning out a few small plots to play with. I also boosted my reading, as this was one of the best ways to improve my writing ability, thinking it would help with my resume production.

Several months later, I sat up from my computer chair, staring at a 300,000-word rough manuscript. I couldn’t believe it–I’d written something so extensive to be worthy of a trilogy, and I didn’t have any English college credentials. Since then I’ve reviewed it and discovered the horrors of rereading, rewriting, and editing out the myriad mistakes we humans continuously make in our work. It’s still in rough manuscript phase to this day, but soon it’ll be sent out to beta readers for the next step.

I never planned on being a writer, the art crept up on me. Faced with little choice as far as my professional career, I chose something that I could actively do myself, rather than relying on an email response from an IT company for a job while I sit at home, watching Netflix. I understand that writing is difficult, but so are many things in life worth doing. Writing, especially with my original series, fills me with a warm fulfillment that other pastimes do not. When I look back at my life, I’ll have no regrets working on Ethereal Seals, my blog, or any of my future projects. Despite the struggles, I’ve enjoyed every minute of it as an amateur writer and blogger, pioneering into my own creative world. Thank you for reading.

How did you get started as a writer? Why are you interested in this craft? What do you think of it? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below. Cheers. 🙂


4 thoughts on “The How and Why of Writing

    • Currently, I do not, but I’ve brainstormed ideas and have them ready to draft out. I have additional interest in writing realistic fiction, mystery, horror, and romance, despite me being a sci-fi geek. A lot of those sub-genres are present in ES. I’ll probably write them as short stories when I take a take time away from my main project. Thanks for your reply. 🙂


      • Nice! I think it’s especially cool that you’re interested in realistic fiction. 🙂 I sometimes get the feeling that too many writers label themselves exclusively as “speculative” and rule out the wonders of realism. I may occasionally be guilty of the same myself! 😀 How are things with ES?

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