Dreams of the scarlet swordswoman #2

A girl of red lay in darkness. Her body floated in an ocean of black fog and stars. An icy cold burned on her flesh, and her mind screamed. The girl struggled to break from the frigid darkness but to no avail.

A glowing wolf approached her, its body muscular yet aged, golden fur tingled with grey. Licking its paws, the beast marked her cheek with its mitt. Letting out a low howl, the animal vanished in a trail of smoke. She cried out the wolf’s unsaid name, but he did not heed it.

Once more, she was alone and afraid. Her body froze with unknown terror, and tears fell from her cheeks, forming bright white stones out of her reach. Phantoms danced about, taunting her in the shapes of demons and dragons. She tried to scream, but fetters of darkness held her voice. An inferno of pain surged through her forehead and spine.

Amidst her struggle, she noticed a blond youth in white cloth–alone in the darkness as she–not more than a few yards away. The young man shivered violently as she did, unable to obtain the heat he sought. A newfound pain burst in the red girl’s heart. She cried out again, this time with all her strength. The fetters around her exploded to dust. She stood, and noticed a small girl next to her with long jade twintails, clothed in a pointy glimmering dress. Her earrings were the shape of swords, and her silver eyes equally as sharp. Her hands curved to sharp points, the flesh gleaming like metal.

“Master, please go to him,” the little girl pleaded, clasping her blade hands. She took a knee, gesturing to the blond youth.

The scarlet woman approached the trembling monk, brushing away the ocean of gloom. Her hand caressed his pale face. He smiled back at her and drew close. The warmth of his body melted the icy shell around her heart. She gasped with relief and dug her fingers into his robes, savoring his body. She paused as an ominous shadow formed behind him. The image of a draconic beast grabbed the startled monk, drawing him away from the girl. She cried in vain, watching the sizeable shadowy dragon devour him amidst his screams of agony.

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