The Legacy of Atlas: A Short Poem

A short poem regarding the world of Ethereal Seals:

Atlas, mother of all, throughout the years watched us grow tall.

Long did Tiamat rule the land, her draconic legacy spreading like sand.

In the heavens a star shone, erupting chaos from Tiamat’s throne.

Ronald came to face the beast, but Tiamat gave the last laugh, not in the least.

Long have we witnessed the ravages of war; demons, giants, ogres, and more.

The greedy take, who leave neither peace nor wisdom in their wake.

We plenty have much to repair, lest calamity once more brings her care.

The Ethereal will see us through, or break us until we relearn what we knew.

Guide us, divine Aspects; show us the way, for only through ourselves will harmony stay.

Plenty would Ronald’s avatar wail, only to observe the strength of Tiamat’s renewed tail.

Still, she claws at the heart with her call; through humans, dragons, and bastards most of all.

Now darkness gathers around, priming for lost hope to be found.

Yet a hero may rise to meet the temptress, to foil curse, shadow, pride, but not while defenseless.

A divine blade will shine free, guiding the one towards destiny’s tree.

Guide us, divine Aspects; brightened the past, for only through peace will the future last.

Thank you for reading! 🙂

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