Religion in Fantasy

What is religion in fiction, and how do we incorporate it into writing? Here’s an informative post from a fellow blogger. Cheers. 🙂

Richie Billing

Religion and belief systems feature a great deal in the fantasy genre, and it’s unsurprising why. Religion, faiths and beliefs shape our lives in a multitude of ways, providing purpose, meaning and structure. That’s not to say everyone’s lives, but a good number.

It’s a very broad topic which I’ve tried to condense into this sole article. It first looks at how religion can shape fantasy worlds, how it can affect characters, how you can create your own religions, and finishing with the opinions of readers.

Before we march on, I wish to make it clear that this is just an examination of religion within the fantasy genre. Everybody is free to hold their own beliefs and the last thing I wish is to cause any offence. I was raised a Roman Catholic, went to church every week until the age of fifteen, even served as an altar boy. I’m…

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