Make Powerful Intentions and Reach your Goals

Happy New Year, everyone! 2018 was a blast for me, and I can safely say my manuscript has come a long way in this past year alone. I joined a local writer’s group and found more beta readers. Several editing passes have changed my book in magnificent ways. I also co-published some poetry in an ebook. 😀

My goals for this year are to find more beta readers, meet an agent, and save up enough money for an editor. The first book of Ethereal Seals should be published sometime early next year—if I’m lucky, haha. Worst comes to worst, I may self-publish, but getting more beta readers and an editor would help. We’ll see where life takes me, but I’m remaining optimistic—there’s no reason not to.

Anyway, here’s a post from a fellow blogger.; she talks about 2019 and how to hone our creative abilities. I hope you find her post as inspiring as I did. Cheers—and enjoy the new year. 🙂

Lorraine Ambers

Happy New Year!

Hello, my wonderful blogging community, fellow writers and avid readers.

I make vague resolutions at best, that evolve my aspirations into intentions and goals. And the reason why I’m not so hot for resolutions, is because they’re as fragile as glass. Treated like promises, that ultimately shatter into a million fragments and scatter to the wind. Never to be recovered, or fulfilled – leaving only bitter disappointment. It’s how I imagine Cinderella felt, a rich world of wishes and dreams at her fingertips only to vanish at that notorious strike of midnight.

Cinderella giphy

Instead I promise to honour myself with love and care. To grow in new ways that allow for my writing journey to unfold.  Whatever will be, will be… helped along by my hard work and determination.

Even though I’ve taken a couple of weeks away from blogging, I’ve loved reading everyone’s reflections about last year…

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