7 Words You Should Delete From Your Manuscript

A nifty post on words you can avoid in your manuscript or article. Deleting these will give you a more concise, fluid piece. Enjoy.

The Z-Axis

As a professional editor, one of my primary responsibilities is to work with clients to polish the language in their manuscripts. Through the course of editing my own novels and working with clients to shine up their manuscripts, I’ve learned that one of the main goals of a late-stage editorial pass over any manuscript is to prune unnecessary words. In fact, there are a number of specific words I intentionally target for culling. Why? Because they’re overused and often unnecessary.

Scissors Cut.jpeg Time to get out those scissors and start pruning.

Novice writers often rely heavily on these words. Some of them come easily because they’re used often in speech; others make sentences clunky but feel necessary for clarity. But as our writing improves and we learn how to better translate our ideas into written words, it becomes apparent that these words are more of a hindrance than a help.

In this post…

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