December Update: NaNo, Havok, And Other News

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Hello, my readers. I’m back from a busy month—and I have some great news to share. November was extremely tight between my two jobs, NaNo, family business, and compiling a short story submission for a contest.


I’m excited to announce I hit my goal for NaNo—that’s right, I reached 50k words! Although I had the general outline completed prior to November, Tempest of the Dragon evolved a lot during this past month. It has fueled my ambition for the rest of the story, and I look forward to completing it.

Havok Submission—Dynamic Duos

Recently I submitted a short story for an online Publishing company called Havok. My submission was a 1,000-word fantasy thriller.

The submission had to incorporate what was called Dynamic Duos, or two characters that interact with each other like Frodo and Sam, Batman and Robin, etc.

I enjoyed writing the story and I heard back from the publishing team the other week. My submission got accepted! After some feedback and minor edits, I signed my first publishing contract. The story should appear on the Havok website by mid-January under the name Flames of Atlas.

Back to Beta Editing

I’ve acquired a potential beta reader for my manuscript, Dragonsblade. I’m looking forward to working with him soon and reading his story. It’s always a pleasure to work with fellow writers in the blogging community.

That said, Tempest of the Dragon may return to the back burner as I refocus on my first manuscript. Afterwards, I’ll hunt for an agent and/or self-publish. ETA for Dragonsblade publication is—hopefully—summer or fall of 2020 if things pan out.

Book Review

I did a review of a book called the Phoenix Unchained, recommended to me by a friend. It was a good read and the story had some eye popping moments. Check out the review above, if you’re interested.


That’s all for now. Thanks for checking in, as always. I appreciate every reader, every like and comment gifted to this blog. You help keep this humble blogger and wordsmith inspired. Cheers, and happy holidays.  🙂

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