Mageborn Review

Hello, my readers, to another book review! Today, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on Dayne Edmondson’s first book in the Mageborn series. It’s a science fantasy catered to YA and, overall, I enjoyed it.


Mageborn begins as a fantasy, which slowly introduces some science fiction elements later on. The beginning was amazing and had me hooked.

For the rest of the story, it is told through Emma’s eyes. She is a young protagonist learning how to become a mage. Dropped into a world of danger and magic, the ambiance of Mageborn is fairly well done.


The chapters vary between short and long. Scene breaks weren’t that common, which is a nitpick of mine (see my other book reviews on why that is). In general, it’s a short fantasy novel and shouldn’t take a reader too long to finish.


The characters are where, I feel, Mageborn floundered. Emma, as the protagonist, came off as a bit bland or stereotypical without any unique quirks that stood out to me. I had difficulty sympathizing with her, and the plot didn’t challenge her as much as it could.

Some of the side characters like Bridgette and Flavio appealed to me more with their distinctive character traits. Emma’s brother, Ethan, was kind of there, and kind of not.

Magic System

The magic in Mageborn is whimsical and not well defined. This adds a good element of surprise and awe to it, although my reader’s instincts tell me there is a technological system behind it in later books. Many scenes created jaw-dropping effects with the magic which I enjoyed.


The tension was steady throughout the book, and the author did a good job at it. A look into Emma’s inner conflicts and flaws would have strengthened the tension.

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The Good

Mageborn is a fun, fast-paced adventure for any fantasy fan. It’s also a quick read with an enjoyable magic system and decent amount of worldbuilding. The introduction is a jewel and pulls the reader in.

The Bad

Emma came off as a protagonist who wasn’t quite as likable as she could have been. There remains much to explore about her inner world, the flaws she carries, the fears she hides, and so forth. That said, this is the first book, so Emma may develop into a butterfly by the end of the series.

The Ugly

Nitpicks from me. Some of the chapters felt long and drawn out. Descriptions slogged a few of the action scenes, and—besides the intro—the book started a bit too slowly for my taste.

Mageborn is a series with good potential. It has great premise and ambiance that intrigues. While Emma is an underdeveloped character, I’m giving the author a pass for it being the first book in the series.

Thank you for reading!

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