Adventures of the Deep: A Fantasy Short Story

Hello, my readers, I hope you are well. I fashioned a fantasy short story for your enjoyment. I also entered this short story into a contest on Havok Publishing. Feel free to leave any comments below for feedback. Enjoy.

My heart rang in my ears. I glanced around, listening to the sound of footsteps from the corridor. That peculiar echo of bone and leather—it had to be goblins. I sighed and crept out from the shadows. Carefully. My trusty dagger groaned as I slid it from its sheath.

I sized my gloomy surroundings—the Fortress of the Ancients. It had taken me months to infiltrate this place. My cape flapped about my slender body as I tiptoed down the hall. I stuck to the shadows and listened to the drips of water echoing in the background.

Hold on, mom, I thought, I’ll find that elixir for you. I frowned. The last thing I wanted was to return home to find her dead from her illness. I had to move swiftly—silently.

My thief’s tools jingled at my belt as I moved. I tucked them into my pocket to muffle the noise. I paused as a doorway shimmering with silver jewels caught my eye. That has to be it! I hesitated, for two goblins guarded the doorway. One of the green monsters grunted and shifted its shoulders, causing its chainmail to clank together.

Murderers, I thought, noticing the stained blood on their axes. My nails ground against the hilt of my dagger, ready to impale the monsters. They were short, but well equipped and trained for combat. I was no more than a thief with a dagger.

I squatted in the shadows listening to their guttural noises. I may be able to kill one in an ambush. The other would be a problem, and what if it raised an alarm? I couldn’t afford to wait. My mother needed the medicine. Fear and urgency tore at my mind, the sound of water droplets counting down the seconds.

My brows lifted. There was the Songfire—yes, I could use that! Okay, mom, you taught me this song for a reason. I hope it works.

I cleared my throat and began to sing. At first, the Songfire was soft and melodious. The pointed ears of the goblins prickled. They grunted and exchanged looks before advancing towards my hiding spot.

My heartbeat pounded in my ears as if adding a drum to the melody. The cadence of my voice increased. Sharply. Then the tune of the Songfire turned coarse, like metal grating against metal. The goblins dropped their weapons and held their ears as they shrieked.

I saw my chance. My cloak flapped about my body as I rushed in. The first goblin squealed as my dagger pierced the exposed section between its chainmail. It collapsed with a thud. I turned to the second goblin, who had grabbed its weapons.

With a loud roar, it charged me swinging its ax. Our weapons clanked as we engaged in mortal battle. My heartbeat intensified in my ear. Using my long legs to my advantage, I landed a kick to its stomach. It grunted and tumbled backward, crashing into a brazier. I leaped into the air and drove my dagger into my foe.

It squealed, trying to fling me off. I let out a fierce roar and used both hands to twist the dagger deeper into its body. It gave one final shriek before it stiffened.

Breathing heavily, I studied my fallen opponent. I retrieved my dagger, and glanced at the green blood coating its surface. My dagger hissed as the ichor corroded its metal. I sighed and flung the weapon away.

Now I had only the Songfire and my wits to protect me.

Marveling at the silver door, I grinned. My thief’s tools jingled as I drew them out procuring a lock pick from the selection. I slid the tool into the lock, my ear to the door. I twisted carefully. Ping. That wasn’t it; I turned the pick a bit more. Ping.

I jumped as a goblin horn rang throughout the corridor. It was a shrill sound, distant, but still—someone had raised the alarm.

I broke into a cold sweat and leaned my ear against the door once more turning my pick. Ping. Footsteps echoed down the hall. Ping. My pulse pounded in my eardrum. Ping.

“Come on, you stupid door!”


The door opened. I grabbed my pick and slid inside before slamming it behind me. Using my pick, I relocked the door. That should hold them for a minute.

I scanned the room that had but one window. A vial sat on a pedestal, sunlight from the window giving the liquid a shimmering quality. That’s it! It has to be! I rushed forward and grabbed the vial. The doorknob to the room twisted vainly. Guttural sounds echoed outside.

Thinking fast, I turned to the window. It was a drop more than fifty feet, but it would have to do. I had climbed higher than that from thieving castles.

I pounded against the glass, but it wouldn’t give. The doorknob to the room opened. Three goblins rushed in, their weapons flailing.

I licked my lips and began the Songfire. The song rose quickly. Sharply. The glass shattered from the noise, and the goblins dropped their weapons, squealing from the cadence.

Holy Jason protect me!

I threw myself out the window.

Air rushed through my ear as the ground approached. I raked my nails against the fortress’ stone hoping to slow my fall. To my success, my hand caught a cleft in the wall close to the ground. Hanging from one hand, I gritted my teeth as my other hand found another cleft. I climbed the last ten feet.

My boots hit the grass with a thump. I looked up at the goblins shrieking from the window fifty feet above. I grinned and studied the vial I held, hope filling my heart.

Don’t worry, mom; your son will be home soon.

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