Business Promotional ideas for Blade of Dragons

Hello, my readers, short post today. I had some interesting ideas to share with you today regarding my WIP, Blade of Dragons. As the manuscript reaches completion, I’ve been toying with the cover art a bit. Once I find a professional cover artist, I imagine it will look much better, but for now, I’m figuring out what I want.

I’ve brainstormed some nifty ideas to promote my novel. This post is mainly me organizing my thoughts and should give you an idea of where I’m headed.

Book Promotion

My main promotion will be either one or multiple short stories, free to read on this blog and elsewhere. The short stories will be preludes to the story to introduce readers to my world. Social Media advertising will be a thing, especially through Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and others.

Readers subscribed to my Mailchimp listing will receive free poetry filled with plot and character lore. Moreover, I’ll send PDF copies of the prologue stories upon publishing my novel.


The book will be available on Amazon for around $3.99 to 4.99. I didn’t want to make it too expensive, but at the same time it is a 130,000 word story. I am considering Kindle Unlimited too, which makes the book free for Kindle subscribers.


Blade of Dragons will have its own Goodreads page, where I will convene with readers about story feedback, ideas for further installments, and gathering new fans of the series. It’s also a nice spot to make connections with readers and authors.

Betareader Invites

I am still looking for a few more readers on to polish my manuscript. If you’re interested, sign up and complete a brief survey to get started. Thanks a bunch!

Story Description

Whimsical Magic. Arcane Technology. Romance.

Can Pepper Slyhart use her father’s sword, a weapon with unfathomable power, to save her planet? With her childhood friend, Tarie, Pepper embarks on a dire quest. She enters a war against a dark goddess that has scoured grasslands, scorched forests, and devoured great cities.

Pepper unravels the terrible price of her sentient blade, a connection to the Ethereal Seals Gate, which powers technology and sustains her planet.
But her half-dragon heritage seeks to betray Pepper, and Tarie may be the only one who can save her.

Are they able to fight a war on both fronts, or will the Shadow claim their souls?

—”Exciting, hard-hitting, and exotic. Blade of Dragons is an action-packed adventure filled with vivid storytelling and a strong heroine that will hold you spellbound from start to finish.”

That’s all for now, my readers. Thanks again for tuning in and I’ll see you next time!

I’m merging my blog with Mailchimp (still in testing). I plan to send out blog news, book promotions, and free gifts once I get it up and running! 🙂

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