Nutrients for Writers: My Crazy Health Protocol

An avid reader requested this post a while ago, so I’m finally doing it. The farther I’ve gone along my writing journey, the more I’ve realized how connected writing and creative ability is to one’s health. Throughout the years, several health protocols have come my way. In this post, I’m sharing what I do currently.

There are several vitamins that I take, though I prefer to get them through high-vitamin super foods. Sadly, many mainstream foods like apples, blueberries, lettuce, and bananas don’t cut it anymore with our deficient soils. These foods/vitamins aren’t listed in any particular order.

  1. Magnesium: Many of us are deficient in this macro-nutrient, as our bodies require large doses of it daily. Since taking it, I’ve noticed improved energy and the ability to think better while writing. I’m more optimistic and grounded. The magnesium I take is a glycinate chelate, known for its high bioavailability. I also use a transdermal magnesium chloride spray. I get about 500+ mg daily.
  2. Vitamin D: Another important nutrient, known as the “sunshine” vitamin. Our bodies naturally produce this vitamin, but not in sufficient amounts. While I take a high quality cod liver oil for my D, my body feels even better when I supplement with an additional 2,000 IUs of D3 with fat.
  3. Vitamin K2: A lesser known vitamin found in raw butter, offal meats, raw dairy, natto, and egg yolks. This nutrient helps with brain function, calcium absorption, among with many, many other things. I take high vitamin butter oil along with a diet of the above foods. A 100 mcg supplement also helps. This usually clocks me at 150-300 mcg daily.
  4. Zinc: Another nutrient that is lacking in modern soils, zinc is great for immune function, cognition, mood, and hormone balance. I take a 15 mg supplement in my green juice 5 times a week. With foods like nutritional yeast—I use non-fortified for no synthetics—eggs, raw dairy, offal meats, and other foods, I usually get around 20 mg daily.
  5. Iodine: After reading testimonials and through self-experimentation, I’ve concluded that the daily dose of 150 mcg isn’t close to what the human brain needs. I’ve only just started iodine, but since ramping up, my mind has grown sharper, and I have more energy and inspiration to write. I am unsure what dose my body will prefer after it replenishes itself. According to Dr. Brownstein, a guru on iodine, iodine sufficiency can take up to a year at lower dosages.
  6. Boron: A co-factor with iodine for body detox. Many of the chemicals in our society (fluoride, bromide, and other heavy metals) dull our creative ability—and are therefore anathema to writers. Due to commercial fertilizers, soils are stripped of boron, leaving little to none in crops. Boron also balances hormones and regulates magnesium/calcium. Walter Last has an excellent protocol that I follow. I ingest 10-20 mg daily.
  7. Silica: Silica, like boron and iodine, is in short supply. It is one of the few nutrients that cleanses aluminum from the brain. Another powerhouse mineral for clear thinking and overall skin health. Some foods contain silica, but only a fraction of it is bioavailable. You want the living, organic variety, like in diatameous earth.
  8. B Vitamins (especially Thiamine and B12): I was shocked to read that thiamine and b12 help regulate the nervous system making them crucial for creative potential. The B vitamins also work with iodine to improve IQ and heal the body. As I mentioned, I use a non-fortified form of nutritional yeast. I also eat lots of avocados, leafy greens like kale, and fruits like mangoes.
  9. Fulvic Minerals: To round myself out, I take plant-based fulvic and humic minerals. They do wonders for my body and shore up any deficiencies in the diet.

I also practice daily meditation, rebounding, and yoga to center myself, to keep my lymph and neurons flowing. A little stretching goes a long while in stimulating your creative juices. The meditation helps overcome mental blocks, solves writing issues, and offers ideas on your story from your subconscious. I practice about one hour daily.

It’s no secret that our soils are deficient, that many of us are lacking in nutrients. To rise to our creative potential, health is paramount. I continue to discover more information everyday in my research, and my writing ability has improved. Sadly, many bloggers and writers never touch this subject with depth. There are entities in our society that don’t want us to be creative or with higher IQs.

It’s up to us if we wish to claim the creative power inherent in all human beings. Mother Nature has given us the tools, through super foods and supplements. The road is hard being a health conscious individual, as much as it is being a writer. The two paths are intimately woven, and one cannot achieve maximum writing potential without the other.

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Aspectä rey’lief, fair reader, thanks for reading.
—Ed R. White

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2 responses to “Nutrients for Writers: My Crazy Health Protocol”

  1. Vitamin D has been touted as an important one lately, especially since it’s not that easy to get through diet, so yeah, I’ve been supplementing on that. Magnesium is important to me as an active person too. Other than that, I try to get everything I need from my food. Great list here!

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