Writing Log 7/7/21

Short post today. It’s been another busy month for me. Between balancing my meditations, workouts, day job, reading and writing, the days speed by. Ethereal Seals takes another step towards series completion.

Cover Artist Get!

In the interest of book presentation, I’ve secured a cover artist for book one of the series. The price should run about $350. This package includes an e-book cover, print cover with spine and back, and additional goodies like possible social media kits. I’ve spoken with the artist at length, and she has a good feel for what I’m looking for. Sending her the mock cover and sketches of Pepper, I’m confident she’ll come up with a solid product.

To be honest, I’m not ready for print publication, but my intuition tells me to go for the print package should I ever need it. My brother works for a book supplier, and I have ties with a retail company. Having my own marketing podium with Ethereal Seals would be an excellent step forward. I have tools like Mailchimp and Buffer to help me promote my brand online when the time comes to advertise.

Writing Progress

Progress of book two’s manuscript has slowed considerably. I’ve been stuck on the final chapters for weeks, and not due to laziness or procrastination. I’ve written at least three whole revisions of the final battle. Progress is slow but sure. At times, it feels like I’m slogging through a swamp, and then some. Finishing all the character arcs and vetting plot holes, inconsistencies, etc. is a nightmare for me during the final showdown scenes. I’ve also adjusted book one’s story to have it flow better.

Thankfully, I’m almost done. It should be fun to do a couple revision passes—especially for the final chapters—before I open the doors to beta readers and have the manuscript torn to pieces again.

After book two, I may take a break and work on Tempest of the Dragon or Muffins and Magic for a spell. I’ve also plans to go on some meditation retreats and hikes. Whether this will be in New York or elsewhere, I haven’t decided.

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for further updates!

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