My Brush with Death

This isn’t a post on my usual topics, mainly a rant about something that happened to me recently. I’ve included reflections and some change of plans for the future.

December was heating up for me as an aspiring writer. I had promotions planned for my cover reveal and several ideas to help me publish my upcoming novel, Blade of Dragons. Personal life was great, and I was looking forward to the holidays; spending time with the family, and opening presents.

Life was good.

It was dark—though still early evening—when I had decided to drive to a nearby town for an errand. With my music on, my spirits high thinking about my book, I sped onwards. Despite the snow, the roads looked clear.

I turned around a bend in the road, going a little below the speed limit. The next I knew, my car was spinning. The world became a nightmarish blur, the ambiance a horrifying scream. My heart, strangely, filled with unexplainable numbness and peace; don’t ask me why.

I winced as my car crashed through two metallic objects, spinning onto some farm fields before it came to a standstill.

My mind still numb, I sat there, dumbstruck. Horrified.

What had just happened?

Other cars pulled over asking if I needed help. They said I tore through two road signs. One bystander called 911. The next I knew, an officer had arrived. He asked if I was okay.

I wasn’t sure. The gravity of the situation had started to sink in. Horror—and disbelief—surged through my mind as I climbed out examining my body, unblemished. My car had lost its one driver’s mirror, its hull a bit dented. But even still, the vehicle wasn’t in terrible shape.

The officer noted that had there been a car on the road or a tree in my path, I may have been crippled.

I may have died.

Some divine power had intervened—or I had been insanely lucky.

Shaking from the cold, the snowflakes blanketing my jacket, I answered the officer’s questions and received my papers. My parents had arrived by then via a call on my cell phone.

We drove home. Slowly. Still shaking, despite the warmth of my father’s car, I shook my head.

What had happened to change a peaceful night so much? And how had I gotten off so lightly? Sure, there was a ticket fine to pay, and car damages to repair. But I had heard of drivers who had died, their cars a wreck, from such an incident. I hadn’t a bruise. It boggled my mind.

Now, days later, I still think about it. Perhaps I was going too fast, trying to do too much in my life? Perhaps I needed to go slower and relax, to unwind and allow things to flow.

That’s the one thing I’ve gathered from this accident: that life needs to flow. It can’t be forced, lest disaster strikes. I was strangely fortunate to escape so cleanly.

That said, these fines may delay my plan to hire an editor with my funds already drained. That won’t stop me. The Creator gave me another chance at life, another chance to write my stories and be what he/she/it wants me to be.

And I will always be grateful.

I will always remember the luck, the blessing, bestowed upon me.

I will always cherish my life and the gifts given to me, the talent for writing that I have.

I am Ed White. Wordsmith of fantasy universes, survivor of car crashes, healer of ancestral wisdom, and seeker of divine truth.

Never take life for granted. Be grateful for the present moment.

Peace be with you all.

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Aspectä rey’lief, fair reader, and thanks for reading!
—Ed R. White

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2 thoughts on “My Brush with Death

  1. Many times, such events lead to shock which causes this kind of numbness. I had something like that happen to me almost 20 years ago when I had a nasty fall – it took me a couple of hours to start seeing things normally.
    That said, glad to hear you’re okay. Take what time you need to reflect and recover, then come back stronger.


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