A Short Writing Update 2/14/22: It Begins

Big news, my dear readers!

I’ve signed my first editorial contract. That means I’ve sent my manuscript off to an editor for feedback. I’ve opted for a critique of the plot, characters, pacing, and other details. Once I receive the feedback, I’ll perform the revisions. Next will be round two: the copyedits and proofing.

The vetting process took me about a week, and I received offers from a handful of talented editors. I’ve settled on two of them, one of which will do the first round of edits. The second will focus more on the copyedits, proofing, and anything the first editor missed. I’ll have two eyes combing my manuscript—and at a relatively affordable price.

The process will involve weeks of waiting, followed by weeks of revision. Regardless, I have other projects in mind to keep myself busy. Sketches, polishing Heart of Dragons for betas, and working on Tempest of Blades (formerly Tempest of Dragons). I’ve also joined a writers’ online conference for late February. For those interested, you can sign up here. Even if you can’t attend, the conference recordings will be online.

There’s also a chance of me attending the RealmMakers Writers’ Conference this July, set in Atlantic City, NJ.

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Aspectä rey’lief, fair reader.
—Ed R. White

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