Blog Update 3/27/22

Blog Changes

For any of you longtime readers, the blog is experiencing an overhaul at the moment. You can expect changes in formatting and style.

I’ve opted for a simpler, smoother website with less fluff and easier reading for your eyes—particularly on mobile.

I’m weighing the upgrade to a business plan on WordPress, which would include even more great changes. Eventually, the blogging aspects will fade as this platform transforms into more of an author website.

Manuscript Work

Exciting news! The editor for Blade of Dragons will return the first round of edits within the next week. I expect to be busy for the next month or so before the second round of edits begins.

Other News

I’ve finished several more sketches, which you can view via the Ethereal Seals Club. There are some on Instagram too, where you can find more slice-of-life updates. 😛

At the moment, BookFunnels, GoodReads, and Instagram will be my main promotion platforms as I prepare for my book launch.

Launch may be as early as this Fall, or later next year. It’s best not to rush these things, as an experienced author taught me.

Speaking of which, there’s a conference this summer called RealmMakers. I’ve signed up for top-notch classes from a spectrum of experts.

Stay tuned, you can expect more thrilling updates this year.

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Aspectä rey’lief, fair reader, and thanks for reading!
—Ed R. White

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