Bookworm Tag & A Short Manuscript Update.

Many thanks to Thomas Grizzly for inspiring another game of blogging tag! In this survey, I’ll follow the questions he gave in his post. Let’s begin!

Do you have any “reading ritual”, such as a specific time, beverage, place?

A tall glass of water is nice. I also like to read on my phone while outdoors. The feel of the wind, sun, and earth complements the experience.

How do you choose what book to buy/read next?

Whatever inspires me, or what others are reading. Goodreads is a good spot for inspiration. I check my friends’ reading lists.

What is your preferred format (print/ebook/audio) and what led to this preference?

It used to be print, as you get a more tactile, intimate feel for the book. But since COVID, I’ve appreciated ebooks more. I did a post on it here.

Do you have a “guilty pleasure” book or genre?


Do you remember at what age you’ve read your first book (on your own)?

I think I was five.

Was there a book where you really liked some minor character – and if yes, what was it?

In Dragonlance, I loved Tasslehoff for his humor and mischief.

What’s the longest you’ve been up reading a book because you just had to read “one more chapter”?

Five A.M.

What do you consider the ideal length of a book?

Long enough to cover everything, but short enough to keep it interesting.

Have you ever read a book just because it was popular?

Of course. I’ve read Game of Thrones and cringed through many of its scenes.

Have you read a book in a language other than your native? If yes, in how many languages?

I’ve read a few children’s books in Spanish.

Now, here’s my questions, for any blogger or writer who’s brave enough:

  1. When reading, do you use a bookmark? If so, what kind? Why?
  2. Do you appreciate scene breaks and short chapters? Or do you prefer long chapters without many scene breaks?
  3. Any particular beverage or supplements for focus and creativity? Maybe herbal teas?
  4. Do you prefer to read in the morning, afternoon, or evening?
  5. Do you like reading before a meal or after?
  6. What genre do you read the most? Why?
  7. Have you certain days dedicated to reading, or is it a small part of the day?

Fun times, these tag games. If you feel so inclined, fill out the questionnaire yourself, dear reader. I’d love to read it in the comments below!

Manuscript News

In other news, I’ve been busy plugging away at my revisions for Blade of Dragons. The novel is taking on more of a heist feel, surprisingly. As per my editor’s suggestions, I’m deleting a lot of fluff and simplifying the plot and character arcs. There’s plenty of work to do still, especially once I get an editor’s impression of the revisions.

Overall, it’s reading cleaner—to which I am thankful. There are many darlings dying, but I’ve saved them in their own document. I plan to weave them into a free ebook that precedes Blade of Dragons as a gift to fans. Exciting!

Conceptual Sketches & Artwork

I’ve considered taking a break from the revisions to work on some conceptual sketches. Many of these will involve the new themes I’ve brought into the story. Shameless to say, Mistborn certainly inspired parts of it. It’s one of my favorite novels, after all.

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Aspectä rey’lief, fair reader, and thanks for reading!
—Ed R. White

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One thought on “Bookworm Tag & A Short Manuscript Update.

  1. Thanks for taking part – always interesting to learn something not-so-serious about each other. And good luck with your revisions. I’ve started to try and get into sketching myself the last couple of weeks, but I’m not ready to share anything publicly just yet, as they’re pretty much kid-level doodles.

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