Ethereal Seals: A Reflection Piece

Reading on business strategies and creative blogging had me reflecting on my own brand. Over the years, Ethereal Seals has evolved tremendously. It hardly resembles the website I began with years ago. Back then, I was a dabbler. A writer who focused on basic writing tutorials.

This article is more of an essay, or perhaps even a rant. Thoughts I had on my chest. Things to let go.

The Meaning Behind The Logo

The logo above is multi-purpose. The “E” stands for:

  • Ethereal Seals: my brand name
  • Energyflux2012: a moniker I’ve used on various forums and platforms
  • Ed R. White: my pen name

Thus, the “E” is reflective of who I am. Creative writer, blogger, biohacker, naturopath, and truth seeker. Quite the mixed bag.

A Key to Creativity

Before this blog, I had read countless websites on philosophy, nutrition, theology, and creative writing. My research led me to one conclusion: there was a missing link tying them together.

Who would associate creative fiction with philosophy? Or nutrition with theology? Could there be a connection between one’s life force, one’s outlook on life, and the way they write? Why are we so drawn to stories, myths and legends? What makes them immortal artifacts?

Long-time readers of this blog already know that there is a formula intrinsic to stories. The Hero’s Journey. I’ve spoken on the matter in depth at the provided link.

Writing as a Holy Science

It may be strange to propose this. That writing is a divine gift. What other creature on this earth can weave epic tales and characters? To bring battles, fantasies, and romances to life? To entrance thousands with a tale?

Is there an energy inherent to these stories, a substance that conveys a greater message? Perhaps there is a subtle essence that some authors grasp. An essence that cannot be fully explained, only expressed as art. As divine.

Nourishing the Mind, Body, & Spirit

Versed readers of Ethereal Seals are also familiar with the importance of nutrition, and how it plays into writing. In a malnourished, stressed society, it’s little wonder that the world is growing stranger. Growing darker, more twisted. More automated like a machine.

Most writing blogs regurgitate the same formula. Copywriting off others like a machine. I’m guilty of this too.

Unsurprisingly, AI produce some—and increasingly so—of this content. While these tips do hold water, they’re nothing new. In fact, they may be stifling creative ability with too many rules. Too much information.

Source. How creative thought is dropping.

In times of yore, our ancestors wove fabulous tales without the help of written guides or tutorials. They spellbound hundreds of their kin around the fire. They also consumed nutrient-dense, whole food diets. They moved throughout their day, stimulating mind, body, and soul—even while resting. There was no need for phones.

It’s this ancient lifestyle that holds something crucial, something holy to the human temple. A key to its completion. Something modern society is missing.

Ethereal Seal’s Purpose

It’s here that Ethereal Seal delves. To explore and share ways that make us more human like our ancestors. To revive that childlike, creative spirit that is gradually waning in modern society.

Originality isn’t dead, only forgotten. For it is limitless, infinite—as our ancestors knew.

It’s a daunting, complex task to tie these remote subject matters together. I’ve many a time grown baffled by my own work. Work that is atypical and convoluted. I considered retiring this blog on several occasions with its strange milieu, catered to an extremely niche audience.

But as time went on, I realized something. That niche is growing. Enormously.

My Target Audience

A blog that mixes nutrition, lifestyle, and spirituality with creative fiction? Who would even read this?

Anyone who cares about one’s humanity. For it is human to tell stories, to create artwork, to sing songs or produce content. To create a business, vlog, or build the body up at the gym.

Pain, exhaustion, brain fog, sloth, anxiety, depression—demons like these weaken the human spirit, which is the crux of our creativity. For it is creativity that makes us human. Makes us original and separates us from other life forms.

This precious gift—it deserves protection. It deserves examination through an ancestral, holistic lens.

For the day we lose that originality and creativity is the day we die as a species.

Final Message

So it is that Ethereal Seals empowers others, to remind them of the intrinsic gift within. To aspire to new heights every day and kindle the creative muse within the heart. The soul.

As long as I hold true to that mission, Ethereal Seals will endure. Let it be a small beacon in the recesses of the internet. A lighthouse to inspire and kindle imagination in a few. To empower and help them grow.


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