About Ethereal Seals

Ed R. White is an ancestral storyteller, a new breed of authors in the 21st century. White has a passion for resurrecting the traditions of our grandsires, lifestyles forgotten by modern society. Through creative fiction, forgotten gnostic philosophy, and ancestral lifestyle, White hopes to empower readers like you.

Ethereal Seals (ES) began as an idea within his WIP, Blade of Dragons. Now ES is a growing philosophy that combines the creative spirit of humanity with our purpose here on Earth.

What Is Ancestral Storytelling?

Whether you enjoy reading, writing, or gaining insight into the divine inner genius, this blog will provide you the tools to grow empowered. We call this the Hero’s Journey. This is a trait programmed into every human upon birth, and it’s woven into every story.

It’s little wonder we never tire of it in stories like Frodo and Sam, Luke Skywalker, and others. This is why our aboriginal ancestors had storytellers; a method to pass on tradition and inspire children—and their children. Without storytellers, human tradition would vanish.

Topics Covered On This Blog

  • Writing updates, tips, and essays
  • Ancestral wisdom: takeaways on nutrition, lifestyle, and philosophy
  • Spiritual and philosophical concepts, many from a gnostic Christian perspective
  • Book reviews
  • Digital art, sketches, and maps