Recommended Books

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Throughout my writing and reading journey, I’ve compiled a list of books that have influenced me profoundly. I recommend any writer, especially creative writers, to look these up. I may update this list as needed.

The Hero with a Thousand Faces—provides an excellent look into the Hero’s Journey, the foundation of any good novel.

The Dragonlance series—a fun, fast-paced fantasy series that teaches you how to animate characters.

Mistborn—a dark fantasy series that brings great characters and plot themes together.

The Lord of the Rings—this fantasy trilogy speaks for itself. A must read.

On Writing, by Stephen King—an informative, if humorous, piece by King. He covers the basics of prose editing to finding an agent and getting published.

Autobiography of a Yogi—a biography of an Indian scholar, spiritual master, and writer. It puts the art of writing into perspective.

Song of Fire and Ice—another fantasy series that needs no introduction. This book illustrates graphic detail and complex plot devices that enrich any epic novel.

The Frugal Editor—a book on prose editing and agent selection, particularly for writers who are on hard times.

The Emotional Thesaurus—a manual for writers on how to display emotion in characters. It will bring your characters to life.

The Story of With—an inspiring piece on writing, art, religion, and more. This book contains empowering messages—albeit catered towards Christians—that many have found helpful.

Beyond Training—a lengthy manual on biohacking and better living. Includes ways to improve IQ, work efficiency, and creativity.

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