December 2020: News and Personal Reflections

We live in tough times, between geopolitical events and the Coronavirus. It can be hard pushing through life. I’ve been there. The only things that pulled me from the brink of depression these past several months have been my creative world-building, meditation, and health-seeking journey.

We Were Designed to Progress.

Every human being has the potential to thrive and survive in this world. We fall to the depths of despair, so we can rise to heights of unconditional love. Remember what it is that brings you joy, to seek the lightless light of Truth.

For me, it was my fictional daughter, Pepper Slyhart. Pepper suffers through the Hero’s Journey, allowing her to rise above the vicissitudes of life. It is this adventure of the hero that is inside every one of us.

The Creative Journey

Creative writing is a ritual that many of us take for granted. We get stuck or we procrastinate. But there are methods to combat this mental block.

Writing is a journey of humanity itself. See this book review I did on David Hawkins book to see what I mean. Transcending the Levels of Consciousness certainly opened my eyes to the truth about reality. About life. Needless to say, it’s improved my writing ambition.

Languages and Music

Writing a high fantasy novel gets trickier when you delve into fantasy languages. Here’s a post on developing a fantasy language, with a portion on the one I invented: the Primeal.

That said, the creative process is daunting. Remaining in a relaxed state during our lives is essential to our well being. This is demonstrated in Blade of Dragons through a process called terraum. I’ve listened to Biotropic music lately to ease me into that meditative state. Give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed.

Books Read

I finished a handful of delightful books this past month. Of mention, one was an urban fantasy called The Wild Hunt by Ron Nieto. It’s a curious book about fay in modern society and the magical adventures of a young teen rescuing her grandmother. Another book was nonfiction on the practical uses of Real Alchemy by Robert Bartlett, which will likely receive a book review soon.

Final Notes

Life as an artist, spiritual seeker, and naturopath isn’t easy. It is with help from readers like you that make it possible. Thank you for your time and attention. I hope these stories inspire you to new heights, helping you to progress, to seek the Truth within us.

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Aspectä rey’lief, fair reader, thanks for reading.
—Ed R. White

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Blog News, Store Updates, and Manuscript Progress

Hello, and thank you again for subscribing to my mailing list! I have exciting bits to share, in addition to some news that should perk your interest.

Blog News

I published some helpful posts on writing. They’ve garnered a bunch of views, and should be worthwhile to check out:

  • The Blank Page talks about starting a new manuscript and how to handle that dreaded first page.
  • A summary of Brandon Sanderson’s 2020 Lectures, which covers several hours’ worth of material. I’ve compressed them into a single post highlighting the juiciest tidbits.
  • A post on Query Letters and general business practices.
  • Describing Sounds in Writing helps writers convey sounds to readers—still raking in dozens of views!

Store Highlights

  • My store is gaining traction with new merchandise, designed to inspire and motivate. Several of the designs will have quotes from characters in my upcoming novel, Blade of Dragons. You can check it out here. Thanks for your patronage!
  • You can also check me out on Instagram and Twitter.

Manuscript Report

  • My new beta reader has been very helpful during our beta swap. I’m hoping to strengthen the plot and characters further before I reach out to a professional editor and start the publishing business.
  • Blade of Dragons got trimmed down a hefty amount. It went from 135,000 words to almost 125,000! That’s a lot of unnecessary fat. The prose reads tighter and many of those unnecessary scenes are gone.
  • I’ve started on the alpha manuscript of book 2. The general outline is done, and I’m eager to get to it in my spare time.
  • I’ve also returned to hand sketching to develop concepts of my characters. It’s been a blast, and I have friends giving me feedback. 

That’s all for now. Stay tuned for next month’s newsletter with more to come!

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