Slyhart Prayer of Courage

Oh mighty sword of legend and yore

Your essence draws courage to my core


Long have we ridden betwixt mountain and plain

Through desert, cavern, and forest, yet alive we remain


I feel thy wind at my back as it banishes my sorrow

We venture forth, to bask in adventures on the morrow


Ever churning is your wind within my soul

The passion of a hero burning upon legend’s scroll


Ogres, undead, dragons—and more

They will hear the might of D’wyrm’s roar


Passion, strength, fortitude, and righteousness

Cleaves darkness, shadow, flesh, and wickedness


Woe be to the monster who dares threaten the meek

For my blade will arrive to avenge and seek


From ocean’s horizon to mountain’s zenith

My ship, my wagon, my horse—travels to defeat the behemoth


And when the adventure is done and all is completed

I will return home to my kin to be greeted


And a feast in the people’s honor will be held

To celebrate how the demon’s army had been quelled


But a hero mustn’t rest for long

For evil ever pushes back with wicked song


Oh mighty sword of legend and yore

Your essence is myth, legend, and more


I pray thee to forever remain at my side…

—Saul Slyhart, hero of Atläs


This was a bit of poetry that came to me spontaneously the other day. It’s a limerick from my book, Ethereal Seals book 1: Dragonsblade. The protagonist, Pepper Slyhart often repeats it whenever she feels scared or confused. The poem was composed by her father, a figure she looks up to. Thank you for reading! 




Transmutation—a Poem of Perspective


As infants, we pass through the threshold and emerge before our mother’s eyes

The world is bright, loud, and chaotic; full of mayhem and lies

Yet the world bends to the creativity of our rhymes

With toys, action figures, and dolls, we forge the legacy of our time


As children, we listen to the wisdom of schools

Consuming books, lectures, and rules

We look onto the horizon, a glimpse into our adult years

Leaving childhood behind certainly brings us to tears


As teenagers passion soars within our bodies like flame

We ignore the words of parents and teachers, for we refused to be tamed

Instead, we glue our consciousness to glass pads of wonder

The sounds of the world vanish, replaced by electronic sounds of vice and thunder


As young adults, we run far and wide

Seeking partners to join our side

The numerous kisses, sex, and arguments bombard our minds

But we push forward, embracing the world’s binds

Our steady job, loans, and gadgets are our true masters

Money is important, for it safeguards against financial disasters


As older adults, we question the lives we have built around our bodies

The family, the house, the debt, and the odd hobbies

Tired we grow from tasks of the day

After work and family, all we can do at home is stay


As the terminal ill, we are imprisoned within corridors of white

Relatives come and go; that special son or daughter who we know

When they are all gone, and the night closes in

We cry, remembering the things we have done wrong in life—the sin

Seeking fun, passion, and money

In reality, the heart is all we needed—the spiritual honey


We grow weaker, and a tunnel envelops our body like a halo or a band.

Then we realize, as our spirits ascend to mystical lands

Life is one of transmutation, of learning and evolution

The universe follows the heart, for it is the solution


The world is bright, loud, and chaotic; full of mayhem and lies

How could we have forgotten?